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I Am Bear

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In February 2016, I released my first children’s  book, I Am Bear, on Walker Books/Candlewick Press. I have to say I’m pretty proud of it – if you’ve either got your own little ones or the mental age of a three year old, do be sure to get yourself a copy by clicking the Amazon link to the left…

The follow up drops February 2019 too, it’s called Bear Moves. Here’s what some other shiny sparkly folk had to say on the matter:

On I Am Bear:

“Funny, innovative and smart… I love this Bear!” – Ricky Gervais

“We are here to salute Bear, a dude in a purple, furry zip-up onesie who is about to join the great company of bears in children’s literature from Pooh to Baloo to Paddington” – The Observer, Jan 31 2016

“There’s a new bear on the block” – The Guardian, Jan 31 2016 – Read the full article here.

On Bear Moves:

A real mover and shaker! Totally love this book… and so will your kids!” – Mylene Klass

Paddington, Yogi, Brother – move over: there’s a new bear in town” – David Baddiel