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For those of you who are still trying to work out whether Bob Marley really sang “We’ll be together… with a roofrack over our head!” or Hendrix opted for “Excuse me while I kiss this guy,” here’s the transcript of Homeward from the Stemma album to pore through at your leisure.

You’re welcome.


Guess I’ll  never shake the pain
Or the memories of yesterday
Turn another page
Though I’m alone
At least I’m home
I’m home…

… And relax
The open upper ripper of literature is back
There couldn’t’ve been a better time or finer place
Coz this modern age is bleeker than a peek into a minors cave
But I’m the same, still reporting from the darkest corners
And recesses of the mind I’m only part performer
Part of me is an allegory an analogy fantasies rappers keep to fill imagination cavities…
…I had to speak coz I wanted you to ride with me
I started thinkin if I didn’t it’d die with me
Swimming in the mainstream yet I won’t make peace
My mum fought the Neo Nazis in the eighties
My dad fought the real nazis in the forties
Don’t applaud me, in comparison I’m ordinary
But pigeonhole at your peril I spit and scorch my teeth
Fam a Poisonous Poet’s what I was born to be
And the beautiful part?
I don’t need the chart
I can keep it one zero zero from the start
I ain’t gotta be a rock star
I got bars that’ll rock stars
Lemme paint some modern art
I will Jackson Pollock while you chat some bollocks…
No one cares where you got your hat from stop it….
… I got what you want in my wallet
But love lasts longer than money so fuck profit…
And karma’s a bitch I learnt the hardest
Let’s all light a wick and then pick who burn the farthest…
I’ve made so many mistakes I’ve got regrets
And I keep em all close- I never wanna forget
So get up on your soapbox
Keep the weak slogans…
All I’m giving’s what I’m living in the moment
This is rhythm this is blues this is jazz
This is creole this is cyphers with the griots under treetops
And all I’m hearing is fables without Aesop
Welcome to the real you can feel it in an eavesdrop
Tryina give my children something to believe in…
Tryina bring a little sunshine to Neasden, Willesden, Dollis Hill, Kilburn I’m on it still
And the roads I left behind you’ll be on my will
Incredibly you’re still the source of my energy…
Bodies turn to dust but the flow will never rest in peace
I got my daughters looking up right next to me
And this is Stemma the beginning and the end of me