Thanks for the continued support

Guys- first off, a million thanks for all your continued support. I know many of you love my comedy, others have been following my TV and Film work, but all of you know I started from the bottom (AKA Hip Hop) now I’m here. But in March 2017 I’m going back to my roots with a new album, STEMMA, and a tour taking in some of my favourite places to play in the UK. 

Don’t worry, I’ll be back making you laugh and/or cry in the near future, but for now it’s back to great music! Really hope you can make it- you lot make it all worthwhile! See you there! 

Doc, November 2016

For all music enquiries –
Alex Kennedy, Music Manager


July 2017

Standon Calling Fest

Venue: Standon Calling
Location: Standon, Hertfordshire

Safe for all the love so far on the album, hopefully it grows with you! I'm gonna showcase some songs ...

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