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Whaddup. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a chance to find out a bit more about some of the amazing charities I’m a patron of. They’re all so easy to lend a bit of support to, or even just to heighten your awareness of certain issues that, actually, have a knock on effect for all of us, struggling or otherwise. Yeah I know it’s not sexy or showbizzy but think of it as a little meal for your soul.

Children's Society

On Tuesday March 20th, 2018, I hosted an event for the Children’s Society to highlight to an audience of professionals the issue of County Lines. If you’ve never heard of that phrase, it’s probably because people don’t really talk about it. It defines the practice of children as young as 12 being sent from London to various outposts across the UK to deliver, transport or serve up drugs for aggressive, often abusive drug cartels.

These children often end up missing, physically or emotionally traumatised, or dead. The event I hosted was in a mock up Trap House and featured an incredible film by director Henry Blake. If you want to find out more, check the link above and watch the film trailer here:

Ashford Place

I’m a proud patron of this homelessness charity in Cricklewood, very close to where I grew up. The level of empathy, lack of judgement and extent of support in this place is astonishing and so admirable in an era of cynicism and selfishness.

Have a look at their work with the link above and watch this space for a short film I’ll be shooting this spring to highlight the incredible job they do.

Salusbury WORLD

Believe it or not, I co-managed this charity for seven years before embarking on a stand-up career. It’s a tiny one with a massive heart, working at grass roots level to support the children of refugees and asylum seekers and their families in North West London.

I’m still an active supporter and am desperate to continue to shine a light on the incredible and tireless work my old team does. Funding is a constant issue and you can support them by clicking the link above.

Water Aid

I first became aware of Water Aid at Glastonbury a few years ago and have since been a vocal supporter of their work.

Water is the one substance we seem to take for granted and yet it is a resource we simply could not function without – just ask the millions of people around the world who STILL don’t have access to clean supplies of it. Bonkers. Show some love via the link above!


I came into contact with Shelter back when I was working on finding housing for refugee families at risk of homelessness between 2001 and 2008. Shelter continue to raise awareness about homelessness and low quality housing in the UK at a time where the problem is getting demonstrably worse – we’ve all seen it.

I set up a little direct debit back when I was broke and to be honest, I never noticed that tenner going out every month – I could spend more on snacks or parking in a day, easily. Think of it that way, it’s easy when you’re privileged enough to have a roof over your head! Click the link above to see what more you can do! Every little counts. Big Love.