4 o’Clock Club… Series 2!


4 o’Clock Club… Series 2!

Nice. A brief message to all the fans of the hit CBBC show- I’m proud to say Series 2 is in pre-production and shoots this summer for a January 2013 release. Epic!

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  1. RFTGYHUJH says:

    I LOVE 4 MO’CLOCK CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Jacob says:

    YES! When End Of Term started I was upset as I thought it was the end. So glad a series 2 is on the way, maybe Josh can fall in love with someone or is expelled!

    I wanna be a part of the series, how do and where are the auditions I will never get into acting. Very unfair :(

  3. Jacob says:

    Yes! So looking forward to Series 2. And Doc Brown (Nathan) how and where do these auditions take place? Because I have been trying to look for auditions everywhere and I will never get into acting otherwise. Please give me some information. I really love the 4OCC. It is a dream of mine to be on a show.

    There’s good days and bad days!!

  4. Ben says:

    4 o\’Clock Club was the best programme I had ever seen especially with its own twist; songs in the programme. Well done everyone to make it a success.

  5. Carl says:

    We cant wait till 2013!!! We want series 2 now!!!! :) come on doc brown!!! We are waiting!!! :D lol serious tho bruv we need series 2!! Lol

  6. nina says:

    Hi I loved your 4 o clock club show! Can’t wait for it to be back. Any spoilers for series 2 ? Xx

  7. Dante says:

    Hi my names Dante and I was wondering if I could be in 4′o clock club when you start pro ducting it i am just a 10year old kid and a big fan I also dabble in acting I also kind of rap I guess

  8. Will there be new characters in series 2 of 4 O\’clock Club?

  9. Eleanor says:

    I was wondering if there will be any auditions for series 2 as I would love to be a part of this amazing show.

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